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  • Is Hit Central a Camp?
    Yes. We open for 2 weeks at the start and end of summer on the NJ shore, and offer a variety of single classes, 4 and 8 session curriculums, and remote assisted classes.
  • Do you have online courses?
    We are in the process of creating a few. We are also creating short tutorial videos on in different areas of production. These videos will help students reinforce the mechanics of learning the technology needed to create freely. In the meantime, you can visit Arty’s YouTube channel for music production and engineering tutorials. (30K Subscribers, 1 million views)
  • Can the students work in groups?
    Yes, most of our programs involve groups, just like professional audio or video productions. The students learn to cooperate and work together to create something unique, beautiful, and their own!
  • Okay, I'd like to produce my own song. What's next?
    Take our course “The Recording Artist Experience”, where you’ll write and produce your own song with your group, and create promo graphics and a music video. And so much more. Click on PROGRAMS for more details, and to book your session.
  • Who are the instructors?
    Our instructors are engineers, producers, musicians, camera people and editors. They have technical and creative backgrounds, and they go through training with Hit Central to make sure they really know our programs and curriculums. Many are around college age. We vet every instructor to make sure they are safe to work with kids.
  • Do I need to know anything about music?
    No! You don’t need to know anything about music to create your project. We start from beginner level on all our programs. And with our custom software and hardware configurations, we make it easy for anyone to start making great sounding music right away. And if you are a musician, then the creation and production of music will be even easier! Musicians are some of our best, most satisfied students.
  • What are the ages?
    Generally ranging from ages 8 until 18. But we have some night programs created for adults as well! Why should only kids have all the fun?
  • Can Anyone Go?
    Yes, No experience is necessary. We have programs for kids from 2nd grade through 12th Grade. We even have night programs for adults.
  • How long is each session?
    About 50 minutes, but it depends on the Program you choose. Some programs run for multiple session (The Recording Artist Experience takes 8 sessions to complete) But we have single session Podcast Programs that start and end in the same session.
  • Can I learn to write my own lyrics?
    Yes! We teach basic songwriting, but we use tools like lyric generators and AI to help generate ideas.
  • Does Hit Central have a studio?
    Yes, we set up audio and video studios in Camps, Schools and Community Centers to run our programs. We are considering opening an exciting Multi-Media Studio in Brooklyn, NY, in the Midwood section. Maybe in NJ as well.

Hit Central Music & Media was conceived and born during the covid years, as a recommendation from some friends and advisors.  I didn't get it at first, but by that night I was obsessed with it!  I saw a path that stretched so far, there was no end in sight!  And it keeps getting bigger. 

Entertainment by kids, for kids. But how?

For the past 40 years my company, the SkyeLab Music Group, we have been producing artists in our recording studios, along with doing music videos, album covers and promo material. We also handled worldwide distribution and promotion. Like a record label but with a different monetary model. 

So I know every piece of this puzzle. 



We designed this Top-Down music program to teach students how to create their own original music right away, with all the advantages of technology.  ​

Whether it’s Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, or Dance/EDM, the computer plays a major role. And we’ll teach the students the technical and musical skills they need to produce radio-ready music productions, from start to finish. 

We also encourage creativity, teamwork, and mutual respect through collaborations with other campers towards an End Goal! 

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